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Korogu Kōbun (コログ構文 – Korok’s Sentence Structure): Part 2

  • Korogu Kōbun: Part 2

    コログ構文 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced the Korogu kōbun (コログ構文 – “Korok’s sentence structure”), which consists of ‘mō tsukare chatte zenzen ugoke nakutē…’ (もう疲れちゃって 全然動けなくてェ・・・ – meaning “I’m so tired, I can’t move at all…”).
    昨日、「もう疲れちゃって 全然動けなくてェ・・・」という文章構成を持つ「コログ構文」を紹介しました。

    Although Korok’s line does not directly ask for help, it emphasizes his fatigue and inability to move, implicitly conveying a desire to be carried to his destination.

    The relatability of the line and the roundabout way of not directly asking for help might have left a strong impression on game players and led to widespread recognition.

    Incidentally, I have heard that this tone of speech is very similar to that of the development staff who handled Korok’s part of the game.

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