Umi no Mokuzu (海の藻屑 – Being Drowned at Sea)

  • Umi no Mokuzu


    To die due to a marine accident is called ‘umi no mokuzu ni naru‘ (海の藻屑になる) in Japanese.

    Umi‘ (海) means “sea,” ‘mo‘ (藻) means “alga,” ‘kuzu‘ (屑) means “scrap,” and ‘naru‘ (なる) means “to become.”
    「海」は “sea”、「藻屑」は “scrap alga”、「になる」は “to become” を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of this phrase is “to become scrap algae at sea.”
    すなわち、「海の藻屑になる」の文字どおりの意味は “to become scrap algae” となります。

    Incidentally, there is another Japanese term ‘mozuku‘ (モズク), which means “nemacystus decipiens.”
    ちなみに、日本語には “nemacystus decipiens” を意味する「モズク」という言葉があります。

    Since ‘mozuku’ is a kind of seaweeds and its sound is similar to ‘mokuzu’, some people say ‘umi no mozuku to naru‘ by mistake.

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