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Tsutsu Uraura (津津浦浦 – All Over the Country)

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    Tsutsu Uraura


    To describe “all over the country” or “throughout the land,” you can use the four-character idiom ‘tsutsu uraura‘ (津津浦浦).

    Tsu‘ (津) means a dock or a harbor, and ‘ura‘ (浦) means a cove or a coast, so the literal meaning of this idiom is “harbors and coasts.”

    Japan is an island country and is surrounded by the sea.

    Because of this, marine traffic using ships in Japan has been developed for a long time ago, and there are many docks throughout this country.

    The idiom ‘tsutsu uraura’ was borne from this fact.

    You can also write it as 津々浦々 by using 々, which means repetition.

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