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Iitai Koto wa Asu Ie (言いたいことは明日言え – If You Want to Say Something, Say It Tomorrow)

  • Iitai Koto wa Asu Ie


    Today, I would like to introduce a proverb that seems to be for a man of many gaffes like me, iitai koto wa asu ie (言いたいことは明日言え).

    Since iitai koto (言いたいこと) means “what you want to say,” asu (明日) means “tomorrow,” and ie (言え) is the imperative form of “say,” the literal meaning of this proverb is “if you want to say something, say it tomorrow.”
    「言いたいこと」は “what you want to say”、「明日」は “tomorrow”、「言え」は “say” の命令形であるため、「言いたいことは明日言え」の文字通りの意味は “if you want to say something, say it tomorrow” となります。

    In other words, it means that even if you want to say something, you should not say it instantly, but think it over.

    In particular, you should be careful not to say something emotionally about an unpleasant event, as it will lead to negative consequences.

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