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Tayori no Nai no wa Yoi Tayori (便りの無いのは良い便り – No News Is Good News)

  • Tayori no Nai no wa Yoi Tayori


    Recently, I haven’t been in touch with my sister and brother.

    They haven’t sent me any messages either, but this fact implies that both we are living safely with no problems.

    If you have not heard from someone but want to be relieved by this way of thinking, you can use the saying tayori no nai no wa yoi tayori (便りの無いのは良い便り).

    Since tayori (便り) means “letter,” nai (無い) means “no/nothing,” and yoi (良い) means “good,” the literal meaning of tayori no nai no wa yoi tayori is “no letter is a good letter.”
    「便り」は “letter”、「無い」は “no/nothing”、「良い」は “good” を意味するので、「便りの無いのは良い便り」の意味は文字どおり “no letter is a good letter” となります。

    This saying is thought to have come from the English saying “No news is good news.”
    このことわざは、英語のことわざ “No news is good news” に由来するものと考えられています。

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