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Mi kara deta Sabi (身から出た錆 – You Asked for It)

  • Mi kara deta Sabi


    Have you ever suffered from a bad deed that you did?

    Getting into such a situation can be expressed using the Japanese proverb “mi kara deta sabi” (身から出た錆).

    Here, the “mi” (身) means “sword blade” and the “sabi” (錆) means “rust,” so the literal meaning of this term is “rust generated from a sword blade.”
    ここで「身」は 、刀の「刀身」のことを意味しています。

    If you neglect to take care of your sword, rust will be generated from the blade, and you may lose your life in a critical moment.

    Because of this, “mi kara deta sabi” has come to be used to mean to suffering from your own bad act.

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