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Enryo (遠慮 – Constraint)

  • Enryo


    Japanese people often take an act called “enryo” (遠慮).

    “Enryo” means “to refrain from words or deeds to others” or “to decline something.”

    The “en” (遠) means “far” and the “ryo” (慮) means “to give adequate consideration,” so originally “enryo” meant “to give adequate consideration to far future.”

    If you give too much thought to your far future, you may not move into action soon.

    Because of this, “enryo” has come to mean “to refrain from your attitude.”

    To take “enryo” is translated into English as “behave with modesty” or “respect someone’s feeling.”
    遠慮することを、英語では “behave with modesty” や “respect someone’s feeling” などと言います。

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