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Asappara (朝っぱら – First Thing in the Morning)

  • Asappara


    These days, I’m annoyed with a neighborhood resident for singing loudly first thing in the morning.

    If you want to express “in the morning,” you can use the Japanese “asa kara” (朝から) or “asa ni” (朝に).
    “In the morning” を表現するためには「朝から」や「朝に」という日本語を使うことができます。

    However, especially if you want to emphasize that it’s early morning or it’s a lack in common sense, you can imply it by using “asappara kara” (朝っぱらから) instead of “asa kara.”

    The “asappara” (朝っぱら) comes from “asahara” (朝腹) — where the “asa” (朝) means “morning,” the “hara” (腹) means “stomach,” and the “asahara” means something like “one’s empty stomach in the early morning (before breakfast).”
    「朝っぱら」は「朝腹」から来ており、「朝」は “morning,” 「腹」は “stomach,” そして「朝腹」は「朝食前の空腹」を意味します。

    Because of this, “asappara” can imply that something happens early in the morning.

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