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Isha to Miso wa Furui hodo Yoi (医者と味噌は古いほどよい – Experience Counts)

  • Isha to Miso wa Furui hodo Yoi


    People and things that have experienced long years can be valuable and helpful.

    To describe this fact, you can use the Japanese proverb, isha to miso wa furui hodo yoi (医者と味噌は古いほどよい).

    Since isha (医者) means “doctor,” miso (味噌) means “miso (bean paste),” furui (古い) means “old,” and yoi (よい) means “better,” the literal meaning of this proverb is “the older the doctor and miso, the better.”
    「医者」は “doctor”、「味噌」は “miso (bean paste)”、「古い」は “old”、「よい」は “better” を意味するので、このことわざの文字どおりの意味は “the older the doctor and miso, the better” となります。

    In other words, older and more experienced doctors are trustworthy, and miso tastes better with time.

    If we were to turn it into a foreign proverb, it would be “the older the doctor and wine, the better.”

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