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Chō yo Hana yo (蝶よ花よ – Bringing up with Affection)

  • Chō yo Hana yo


    The Japanese phrase, chō yo hana yo (蝶よ花よ), can express a situation where parents raise their children with great care.

    Since chō (蝶) means “butterfly,” and hana (花) means “flower,” the literal meaning of chō yo hana yo is “(you are) a butterfly, a flower.”
    「蝶」は “batterfly”、「花」は “flower” を意味するので、「蝶よ花よ」の文字どおりの意味は “(you are) a butterfly, a flower” となります。

    In Japan, both the terms “butterfly” and “flower” are used as metaphors for something delicate and beautiful, and they also carry the meaning of something to be cherished with great care.

    As you can easily imagine, this phrase is usually used for daughters.

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