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Kata no Ni ga Oriru (肩の荷が下りる – Taking a Load off One’s Mind)

  • Kata no Ni ga Oriru


    Today, I felt relieved of one’s burden a little.

    The concept of having one’s burden or responsibility relieved is expressed as kata no ni ga oriru (肩の荷が下りる) in Japanese.

    Since kata (肩) means “shoulder,” ni (荷) means “burden,” and oriru (下りる) means “to get off,” the literal meaning of this idiom is “a burden gets off one’s shoulder.”
    「肩」は “shoulder”、「荷」は “burden”、「下りる」は “to get off” を意味するので、「肩の荷が下りる」の文字どおりの意味は “a burden gets off one’s shoulder” となります。

    Here, a burden on one’s shoulder is a metaphor for one’s responsibility or mental burden.

    It can be translated into English as “to take a load off one’s mind.”
    英語では “to take a load off one’s mind” のように表現されます。

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