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Funkotsu Saishin (粉骨砕身 – Breaking One’s Neck)

  • Funkotsu Saishin


    The four-character idiom funkotsu saishin (粉骨砕身) can be used to describe someone working or striving with all their might.

    Since fun (粉) means “powder,” kotsu (骨) means “bone,” sai (砕) means “smash,” and shin (身) means “body,” the literal meaning of funkotsu saishin is “to grind one’s bones to powder and smash one’s body.”
    「粉」は “”、「骨」は “bone”、「砕」は “”、「身」は “body” を意味するので、「粉骨砕身」の文字どおりの意味は “” となります。

    In other words, it implies that someone is working so hard with all their might that their bones and bodies are smashed.

    Note that this is a metaphor, and if your bones are grinded to powder, you will die.

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