Linear Relationship

  • Today, I dictated the dialogues of the “Frozen” as with yesterday.

    3 hours after I started, just 80% of the all dialogues were completed.

    In other words, it took 3 hours to complete 30% today.

    Also, it took 5 hours to complete 50% yesterday.

    Oh, I found a beautiful linear relationship between required time and progress rate.

    It can be easily estimated that I need further 2 hours to complete dictation.

    But today, there was one thing that I couldn’t understand even using my dictionaries.

    Kristoff said “feisty-pants” to Anna.

    Wha..what’s the “pants”? Are the pants that pants?

    I thought it means something like “feisty baby” judging from that situation.

    However, I have no idea why “pants”.

    I would be happy if you could help me.

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