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I Watched the Movie “Frozen” Dictating Its Serifs

  • Today, I watch the movie “Frozen” dictating.

    The reason why I chose that title is its serifs might be easy to understand and listen.

    After 5 hours when I started, about 3000 words were typed.

    The movie progressed just half.

    It was more difficult to listen serifs than I thought.

    In particular, song parts and Oaken’s serifs are difficult for me.

    Oaken is a shop owner who speaks with a Scandinavian accent.

    Because I was not used to hear it, he’s serifs confused me.

    Also, interjections are difficult for me to dictate, such as “Whoo”, “Yeesh”, “Whoa”, “Yoo-hoo”, etc.

    But I never give up, and will keep doing the best that I can.

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