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Bounenkai (忘年会)

  • Bounenkai


    During this time of year, a lot of 忘年会 (bounenkai) are held in Japan.

    A bounenkai is a drinking party that is held at the end of the year, in order to forget the past year.

    There is no religious meaning or particular style.

    The 忘 (bou) means “to forget,” the 年 (nen) means “year,” and the 会 (kai) means “party,” so 忘年会 (bounenkai) literally means “forget the part year party.”
    「忘」は “forget,” 「年」は “year,” 「会」は “party” を意味し、忘年会は文字通り ” forget the past year party” という意味です。

    I think that End of the Year Party is very similar to bounenkai.
    英語で言うところの “End of the Year Party” に近いと思います。

    Incidentally, today I will participate in a bounenkai – this is the third time this week.

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