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Yoi Otoshi wo (良いお年を)

  • Yoi Otoshi wo


    This year will be over in about a week.

    There is a Japanese parting greeting that is used only during this time of year.

    It is 良いお年を (yoi otoshi wo).

    The 良い (yoi) means “good” and the お年 means “year.”
    「良い」は “good,” 「お年」は “year” を意味します。

    This expression is short for 良いお年をお迎えください (yoi otoshi wo omukae kudasai), where the お迎えください (omukae kudasai) means something like “to wish you a prosperous something.”

    I think that the most similar English expression to 良いお年を is “Have a happy new year.”
    英語では “Have a happy new year” が最も近い表現だと思います。

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