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Hi wo Miru yori mo Akiraka (火を見るよりも明らか – Completely Obvious)

  • Hi wo Miru yori mo Akiraka


    Things that are completely obvious and beyond doubt are sometimes described as hi wo miru yori mo akiraka (火を見るよりも明らか) in Japanese.

    Since hi (火) means “fire,” miru (見る) means “to see,” yori (より) means “more than,” and akiraka (明らか) means “clear,” the literal meaning of this phrase is “(something is) clearer than seeing fire.”
    「火」は “fire”、「見る」は “to see”、「より」は “more than”、「明らか」は “clear” を意味するので、「火を見るよりも明らか」の文字どおりの意味は “(something is) clearer than seeing fire” となります。

    If you see a burning fire, anyone can recognize it as “fire.”

    This expression means that something is clearer than that.

    However, please note that this is often used in a negative context.

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