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Expiration Date for Eggs

  • Expiration Date for Eggs


    What would you do if you found expired eggs in the refrigerator?

    In Japan, the typical expiration date for eggs, indicating the period during which they can be eaten raw, is set at about two weeks. However, if properly stored in the refrigerator, they can be eaten raw for about two months.

    Interestingly, “Salmonella,” contained in eggs and cited as the cause of food poisoning, hardly multiplies at temperatures below 10℃.

    Nevertheless, it might multiply due to temperature changes and vibration by opening and closing the refrigerator, so caution is needed when storing eggs for long periods.

    In addition, Salmonella is known to perish with heat.

    Even if the expiration date has exceeded by several months, eggs that have been properly stored in the refrigerator without cracks can still be eaten by heating them.

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