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Hashiyasume (箸休め – Palate Cleanser)

  • Hashiyasume


    In Japanese cuisine, small dishes like pickles or vinegared vegetables served between main dishes are called hashiyasume (箸休め).

    Since hashi (箸) means “chopsticks,” and yasume (休め) means “resting,” the literal meaning of hashiyasume is “resting chopsticks.”
    「箸」は “chopsticks”、「休め」は “resting” を意味するので、「箸休め」の文字どおりの意味は “resting chopsticks” となります。

    By giving your chopsticks a rest with the above small dishes (i.e., ‘hashiyasume’), you can enhance your enjoyment of the main dish.

    In addition, the term hashiyasume can also be used metaphorically in some situations as well as for a dish.

    For example, it can mean “aside” or “side stories” in a discussion, implying a break from the main topic.

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