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Itadaki Dachi (いただき立ち)

  • Yesterday, I introduced you to the word “oitoma,” which is used when you leave a house you’re visiting.


    Today I’d like to talk about いただき立ち (itadaki dachi), which can be used in a similar situation.

    いただき (itadaki) means “to receive,” 立ち (tachi) means “to stand,” and the combination means to go home (leave the house) soon after givin a meal or drink.

    This term is often used in conjunction with “oitoma,” just something like いただき立ちで失礼ですが、そろそろおいとまさせて頂きます (itadaki dachi de shitsurei desuga, sorosoro oitoma sasete itadakimasu – I’m sorry for “itadaki dachi,” but it’s time for me to leave).
    「いただき」は “to receive”、「立ち」は “to stand” を意味します。

    “Itadaki dachi” is used when you have to leave a house soon after having a meal, but in such a case, you should say no to the host before serving the meal at least once.

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