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Hone Yasume (骨休め – Relaxation)

  • Hone Yasume


    The concept of resting one’s body and healing fatigue is sometimes described as hone yasume (骨休め) in Japanese.

    Hone (骨) means “bone,” and yasume (休め) means “resting.” Thus, the literal meaning of hone yasume is “resting one’s bones.”
    「骨」は “bone”、「休め」は “resting” を意味するので、「骨休め」の文字どおりの意味は “resting one’s body” となります。

    In this context, hone is used as a metaphor for one’s entire body.

    You can also say kyūkei (休憩) or kyūka (休暇) to mean rest. However, using hone yasume can specifically imply a nuance of resting one’s body exhausted from work or daily activities.

    Recently, I took some time for hone yasume at a hot spring.

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