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Rakuin wo Osareru (烙印を押される – Being Branded)

  • Rakuin wo Osareru


    To be subjected to a stigma that is difficult to erase is described as rakuin wo osareru (烙印を押される) in Japanese.

    Rakuin (烙印) is a branding mark stamped on a criminal’s forehead or a livestock’s body, and is used as a metaphor for a mark that will never be erased.

    In addition, osareru (押される) means “to be stamped,” so the literal meaning of rakuin wo osareru is “to be stamped with a branding mark.”
    また、「押される」は “to be stamped” を意味するので、「烙印を押される」の文字どおりの意味は “to be stamped with a branding mark” となります。

    In other words, it refers to being marked with a stigma that cannot be erased for one’s lifetime.

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