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Herikutsu (屁理屈 – Quibble)

  • Herikutsu


    A sophistical argument or a logic that does not make sense is referred to as herikutu (屁理屈) in Japanese.

    Since he (屁) means “fart,” and rikutsu (理屈) means “logic,” the literal meaning of herikutsu is “fart logic.”
    「屁」は “fart”、「理屈」は “logic” を意味するので、「屁理屈」の文字どおりの意味は “fart logic” となります。

    In this context, he is used as a metaphor for something trivial or worthless.

    In other words, herikutsu implies a trivial or worthless logic.

    You can use this term with verbs like iu (言う – meaning “to say”) or koneru (こねる – meaning “to mix”).

    Be careful not to quibble all the time.

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