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Kimazui (気まずい – Uncomfortable/Awkward)

  • Kimazui


    I can easily create an kimazui (気まずい) atmosphere.

    Kimazui is an adjective that describes a situation where you and the other person are uncomfortable; it just can be translated as “awkward.”

    Since ki (気) means “feeling” and mazui (まずい) means “uncomfortable,” kimazui literally means “feel uncomfortable.”
    「気」は “feeling”、「まずい」は “uncomfortable” を意味するので、「気まずい」は文字どおり “feel uncomfortable” という意味になります。

    When you are in a kimazui atmosphere with someone, you may resolve the awkwardness by daring to say something like kimazui desune (気まずいですね – “It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?”).

    However, please be careful, as it might make things even more awkward.

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