Ijō Desu (以上です – That’s All)

  • Ijō Desu


    Today, I participated in a technical committee meeting of an academic conference via Zoom.

    There were reports on various agendas, and most of the speakers said ijō desu (以上です) at the end of their explanations.

    Ijō (以上) means “more than” or “before now,” and desu (です) is a polite suffix.

    That is to say, ijō desu implies “what I have to say is as I mentioned before now,” and this phrase is often used at the end of one’s talk.

    Note that the accent in ijō desu (以上です) is i (い), whereas if you put the accent on (じょう) and de (で), it becomes ijō desu (異常です – meaning “it is abnormal”).

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