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Hito wo Norowa ba Ana Futatsu (人を呪わば穴二つ – Chickens Come Home to Roost)

  • Hito wo Norowa ba Ana Futatsu


    Have you ever thought about cursing someone to death?

    In such a case, remember the following proverb.

    Hito wo norowa ba ana futatsu (人を呪わば穴二つ).

    Since hito (人) means “person,” norowa/norou (呪う) means “to curse,” ana (穴) means “hole,” and futatsu (二つ) means “two,” the literal meaning of this proverb is “when you curse someone, you need two holes.”
    「人」は “person”、「呪わ/呪う」は “to curse”、「穴」は “hole”、「二つ」は “two” を意味するので、このことわざの文字どおりの意味は “when you curse someone, you need two holes” となります。

    If you curse someone to death, someone else will kill you in revenge, and two grave holes will be needed.

    That is to say, this proverb is a reminder that if you harm others, it will finally come back to you.

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