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Yabai (やばい – Incredible)

  • Yabai


    Japanese young people often use the word, yabai (やばい).

    Yabai is an adjective that represents a severe or extreme degree, and it can be used in both negative and positive contexts.

    Originally, yabai meant a dangerous or inconvenient situation.

    It has changed to mean all negative situations and then to have a positive meaning as well.

    Yabai, containing both negative and positive meanings, would be translated into English as “incredible,” “awesome,” or “oh my gosh.”
    肯定的にも否定的にも使える「やばい」を英語に翻訳すると、”incredible”、 “awesome”、 “oh my gosh” などになると思います。

    Yabai is also used as an exclamation, and in that case, it sometimes varies as yabaa (やばっ) or yabba (やっば).

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