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Daihen (代返 – Proxy Attendance)

  • Daihen


    Yesterday, I introduced the slang term pinige (ピ逃げ), which refers to registering attendance and running away from a lecture.

    When I was a university student, the term pinige did not exist, but there was something similar called daihen (代返).

    Since dai (代) means “substitute,” and hen is short for henji (返事), meaning “response,” the literal meaning of daihen is “substitute response.”
    「代」は “substitute”、「返」は “response” を意味する「返事」の略であるため、「代返」の文字どおりの意味は “substitute response” となります。

    In other words, daihen refers to a kind of dishonest act where someone else responds on your behalf when your name is called during attendance checks.

    Please do not waste your tuition fees by conducting pinige or daihen.

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