Mushi ga Sukanai (虫が好かない – Just Don’t Like)

  • Mushi ga Sukanai


    When you do not like something without a specific reason, it can be expressed as mushi ga sukanai (虫が好かない) in Japanese.

    Since mushi (虫) means “insect” and sukanai (好かない) means “do not like,” the literal meaning of mushi ga sukanai is “an insect does not like it.”
    「虫」は “insect”、「好かない」は “do not like” を意味するので、「虫が好かない」の文字どおりの意味は “an insect does not like it” となります。

    In the Edo period, people thought that insects lived in human bodies and affected their emotions and consciousness.

    In other words, this phrase implies that “I don’t know why, but the insect inside my body hates it.”

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