Kao ga Ureru (顔が売れる – Becoming Famous)

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    Kao ga Ureru


    Becoming famous or well-known is expressed as kao ga ureru (顔が売れる) in Japanese.

    Since kao (顔) means “face” and ureru (売れる) means “to sell,” the literal meaning of kao ga ureru is “one’s face sells.”
    「顔」は “face”、「売れる」は “to sell” を意味するので、「顔が売れる」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s face sells” となります。

    Here, “face” implies someone’s name, status or honor in society.

    In addition, “to sell (to the world)” implies that something becomes well-known.

    Because of this, kao ga ureru has the above meaning.

    You can also say na ga ureru (名が売れる) in the same meaning of kao ga ureru, by using na (名 – meaning “name”) instead of kao (顔 – meaning “face”).
    「顔」の代わりに “name” を意味する「名」を使った「名が売れる」も、「顔が売れる」と同じ意味で使われます。

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