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Hana wo Motaseru (花を持たせる – Letting Someone Take the Credit)

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    Hana wo Motaseru


    Today, I will introduce the idiom hana wo motaseru (花を持たせる).

    Hana (花) means “flower” and motaseru (持たせる) means “to let someone have something,” so the literal meaning of hana wo motaseru is “to let someone have a flower.”
    「花」は “flower”、「持たせる」は “to let someone have something” を意味するので、「花を持たせる」の文字どおりの意味は “to let someone have a flower” となります。

    Just imagine what kind of situation this expression is actually used in.

    Here, the flower implies something special, such as credit, honor, or victory.

    That is to say, the idiom hana wo motaseru has the meaning of letting someone take the credit, honor, or victory.

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