Totte Tsuketa Youna (取って付けたような – Unnatural/Artificial)

  • Totte Tsuketa Youna


    When someone’s words or attitudes are unnatural and artificial, you can describe it as totte tsuketa youna (取って付けたような).

    Since totte (取って) means “to take (off),” tsuketa (付けた) means “to attach,” and youna (ような) means “as if,” the literal meaning of totte tsuketa youna is “as if it is taken off and attached.”
    「取って」は “to take (off)”、「付けた」は “to attach”、「ような」は “as if” を意味するので、「取って付けたような」の文字どおりの意味は “as if it is taken off and attached” となります。

    As you can imagine, if you take something off from somewhere and attach it to another place, it will not be smoothly connected and will seem unnatural to other people.

    Because of this, totte tsuketa youna has the meaning of unnatural and artificial.

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