Kao ga Hiroi (顔が広い – Knowing Many People)

  • Kao ga Hiroi


    A person who has a large circle of acquaintances and knows many people can be described as kao ga hiroi (顔が広い) in Japanese.

    Since kao (顔) means “face” and hiroi (広い) means “broad,” the literal meaning of kao ga hiroi is “one’s face is broad.”
    「顔」は “face”、「広い」は “broad” を意味するので、「顔が広い」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s face is broad’ となります。

    Here, kao (meaning “face”) is used in the sense of “name recognition.”

    The antonym for hiroi (meaning “broad”) is semai (狭い) (meaning “narrow”), but note that kao ga semai (顔が狭い) does not describe a person who has few acquaintances.

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