Oteage (お手上げ – Getting Stuck)

  • Oteage


    When you get stuck or surrender, it can be expressed as oteage (お手上げ) in Japanese.

    Since o (お) is a polite prefix, te (手) means “hand,” and age (上げ) means “raising,” the literal meaning of oteage is “raising one’s hands.”
    「お」は丁寧の接頭辞、「手」は “hand”、「上げ」は “raising” を意味するので、「お手上げ」の文字どおりの意味は “raising one’s hands” となります。

    The action of raising one’s hands represents “an intention not to resist” or “a situation that you cannot resist,” which leads to the above meanings.

    In my post yesterday, I introduced te wo ageru (手を上げる – literally meaning “to raise one’s hand(s)”), which is used in various meanings: “to raise one’s hand,” “to surrender,” and “to do violence.”

    However, note that the meaning of oteage is not as diverse as te wo ageru.

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