Te ni Ase wo Nigiri (手に汗を握る – Thrilling)

  • Te ni Ase wo Nigiri


    Being excited or nervous by seeing/hearing a tense situation is called te ni ase wo nigiri (手に汗を握る) in Japanese.

    Te (手) means “hand,” ase (汗) means “sweat,” and nigiri (握る) means “to grasp,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “to grasp sweat one’s hand.”
    「手」は “hand”、「汗」は “sweat”、「握る」は “to grasp” を意味するので、「手に汗を握る」の文字どおりの意味は “to grasp sweat one’s hand” となります。

    People will sweat and clasp their hands when seeing/hearing a tense or dangerous situation.

    This idiom literally represents such a situation.

    Even if you do not clasp your hand or sweat, you can say te ni ase nigiru to mean your excitement or tension.

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