Shiru Hito zo Shiru (知る人ぞ知る)

  • Shiru Hito zo Shiru


    Today I will introduce you to the Japanese expression ‘shiru hito zo shiru‘ (知る人ぞ知る).

    Since ‘shiru‘ (知る) means “know” and ‘hito‘ (人) means “people” or “person,” the literal meaning of this expression is “people who know it know it.”
    「知る」は “know,” 「人」は “person” や “people” を意味するので、「知る人ぞ知る」の文字通りの意味は “people who know it know it” となります。

    You might think that the literal meaning is natural and obvious.

    However, the actual meaning of it is that everyone doesn’t know it, but some informed people know it is valuable/important.

    Shiru hito zo shiru is usually used as an adjective, for example, ‘shiru hito zo shiru resutoran‘ (知る人ぞ知るレストラン – a restaurant that is known only to a few informed people).

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