Ninin Sankyaku (二人三脚 – Cooperating with One Another)

  • Ninin Sankyaku


    We say ninin sankyaku (二人三脚) to describe that two people sharing the same purpose cooperate.

    Ni (二) means “two,” nin (人) means “person,” san (三) means “three,” and kyaku (脚) means “leg,” so the literal meaning of “ninin sankyaku” is “two people three legs.”
    「二」は “two”、「人」は “person”、「三」は “three”、「脚」は “leg” を意味するので、「二人三脚」の文字どおりの意味は “two people three legs” です。

    This term was originally used to means a race that two participants run while strapping one runner’s left leg and another runner’s right leg (“three-legged race” in English).

    Deriving from it, this term came to have the meaning of cooperating with one another.

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