Maruku-naru (丸くなる – Mellowing)

  • Maruku-naru


    It is said that the character of people tend to maruku-naru (丸くなる) as they get older.

    Since maruku/marui (丸く/丸い) means “round” or “circle,” and naru (なる) means “to become,” the literal meaning of maruku-naru is “to become round” or “to curl up (in a ball).”
    「丸く/丸い」は “round” や “circle”、「なる」は “to become” を意味するので、「丸くなる」の文字どおりの意味は “to become round” や “to curl up” となります。

    Of course, you can use this term to express its literal meaning, whereas it can also be used to describe someone’s character.

    In the latter case, maruku-naru means that a person who is easily angered comes to have a gentle character.

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