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Kado ga Tstsu (角が立つ – Creating Bitter Feelings)

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    Kado ga Tstsu


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the idiom ‘kado ga toreru‘ (角が取れる), which means that someone who is harsh comes to have a gentle nature.

    Today, I would like to introduce another idiom ‘kado ga tatsu‘ (角が立つ), which also uses ‘kado’ (角).

    Since ‘kado‘ means “corner” and ‘tatsu‘ (立つ) means “to stand” or “to stand out,” the literal meaning of ‘kado ga tatsu’ is “corners stand out.”
    「角」は “corner”、「立つ」は “to stand” や “to stand out” を意味するので、「角が立つ」の文字どおりの意味は “corners stand out” となります。

    A spiny situation that corners are standing out implies bad personal relationships.

    Because of this, ‘kado ga tatsu’ means to create bitter feelings and bad relationships.

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