Namahanka (生半可 – Half-Hearted)

  • Namahanka


    If you want to change yourself, you must not have an attitude of ‘namahanka‘ (生半可).

    ‘Namahanka’ means that someone/something is halfway, half-hearted, or lukewarm.

    In the Edo period, people who displayed a know-it-all attitude about fashion or play were called ‘hankatsū‘ (半可通) with contempt.

    Han‘ (半) means “half,” ‘ka‘ (可) means “possible,” and ‘tsū‘ (通) means “acquainted/familiar.”
    「半」は “half”、「可」は “possible”、「通」は “acquainted/familiar” を意味します。

    Later, it changed to ‘hanka‘ (半可) by removing ‘tsū’, then the term ‘namahanka’ was made by adding ‘nama‘ (生), which means “immature” or “halfway.”

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