Kaisha (会社 – Company)

  • Kaisha


    Most adults work at ‘kaisha‘ (会社).

    ‘Kaisha’ is an organization established for the purpose of profit and is usually translated into English as “company” or “office.”
    「会社」とは、営利を目的に設立した団体のことで、英語では “company” に相当します。

    Kai‘ (会) means “to get together” or “to assemble,” and ‘sha‘ (社) means “organization.”
    「会」は “to get together”、「社」は “organization” を意味します。

    Originally, both this term and its inverted version ‘shakai‘ (社会) were used in a broad sense, such as “society,” “group,” and “fellow,” as the letters indicate.

    However, since the early Meiji era (about 150 years ago), ‘kaisha’ and ‘shakai’ have been clearly distinguished — ‘kaisha’ means “company” and ‘shakai’ means “society.”

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