【No. 0222】
Kou Itten (紅一点 – The Only Woman in a Group)

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    Kou Itten


    A group I know is composed of about twenty men and one woman.

    When a woman belonging to a male group like this case, she is referred to as ‘kou itten‘ (紅一点).

    Kou‘ (紅) means “red” or “crimson,” ‘i/ichi‘ (一) means “one,” and ‘ten‘ (点) means “point.”
    「紅」は “red” や “crimson,” 「一」は “one,” 「点」は “point” を意味します。

    Originally, this term was used in China to mean “one crimson flower blooming in a field of grass.”

    In Japan, it came to mean “a different thing among many things,” furthermore, these days it is usually used to mean “a woman among many men.”

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