Kenage (健気 – Admirable)

  • Kenage


    I like people who have a character described as kenage (健気).

    Kenage means that someone has a good/solid attitude, or a vulnerable person (especially a child/woman) strives with difficulties.

    Kenage is short for kenarige (けなり気), which is combining kenari (けなり) and ge/ke (気); here kenari is an old Japanese word meaning “different,” and ge/ke means “feeling.”
    「健気」はほかと異なることを意味する古語「けなり」に、”feeling” を意味する「気」がついた「けなり気」を省略したものです。

    Because of this, kenage originally used to describe different or excellent people.

    It came to have the above meanings deriving from that, and now it often means that a person strives with difficulties.

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