Omekashi (おめかし – Dressing up)

  • Omekashi


    Most women will do omekashi (おめかし) when dating with their lovers or meeting someone they like.

    O (お) is a polite prefix and mekashi (めかし) means to dress up and do makeup.

    In general, omekashi is used to express that someone (especially a woman) dress up and do makeup with feeling, and it is used as omekashi wo suru (おめかしをする) by combining the verb suru (する – “do”).
    一般的に「おめかし」は「気合を入れて化粧をしたり着飾ること」を表し、”do” を意味する「する」と組み合わせて「おめかしをする」のように使われます。

    If you want to express that someone does a diligent omekashi for a special event, you can say mekashikomu (めかし込む) by using komu (込む – “thorough”).

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