Oshare (おしゃれ – Smart/Fancy) Part 1

  • Oshare Part 1

    おしゃれ part 1

    Yesterday, I introduced you to the Japanese term omekashi (おめかし), which means to dress up or do makeup.

    This term is a little formal and diligent, but if you want to say it more casually, you can use the term oshare (おしゃれ), which is often used for smart/fancy men, women, and things.

    O (お) is a polite prefix, and share (しゃれ) came from sare (戯れ/され), which means to play a prank from a sense of fun.

    This implies that people who have a sense of fun can afford to dress up or do makeup.

    To be continued.

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