Oshare (おしゃれ – Smart/Chic/Fashionable) Part 2

  • Oshare Part 2

    おしゃれ Part 2

    Yesterday, I talked about the Japanese term oshare (おしゃれ), which means to dress up or apply makeup.

    Just like the term omekasi (おめかし – “dressing up”) which was introduced two days ago, oshare is used as oshare wo suru (おしゃれをする) by combining the verb suru (する – “do”).
    「おしゃれ」は(二日前に紹介した)「おめかし」と同様、”do” を意味する「する」をつけて「おしゃれをする」のように使います。

    In addition, you can also use this term as an adjective, such as kanojo wa oshare da (彼女はおしゃれだ – “she is chic”) or oshare na mise (おしゃれな店 – “a fashionable store”).

    Incidentally, note that if you say share (しゃれ) by clipping the polite prefix o (お), it often means “a play on words.”

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