Shoshi Kantetsu (初志貫徹 – Carrying out Your Original Intention)

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    Shoshi Kantetsu


    Today I would like to introduce my favorite four-character idiom shoshi kantetsu (初志貫徹).

    Sho (初) means “first,” shi (志) means “will/motive,” kan (貫) means “consistent,” and tetsu (徹) means “thorough.”
    「初」は “first”、「志」は “will/motive”、「貫」は “consistent”、「徹」は “thorough” を意味します。

    That is to say, shoshi kantetsu literally means that you maintain your will consistently and thoroughly.

    Basically, this idiom is used in a positive manner and is popular as a motto.

    However, sometimes it could be more important to be flexible depending on the time and situation.

    Incidentally, the kanji character 徹 can be read as Toru (my account name).
    ちなみに、「徹」という漢字は「とおる (Toru)」とも読みます。

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