Hiza wo Majieru (膝を交える – Friendly Talking)

  • Hiza wo Majieru


    To have a friendly talk with someone is expressed as hiza wo majieru (膝を交える) in Japanese.

    Since hiza (膝) means “knee” and majieru (交える) means “to intersect,” the literal meaning of hiza wo majieru is “to intersect one’s knee and someone else’s knee.”
    「膝」は “knee”、「交える」は “to intersect” を意味するので、「膝を交える」の文字どおりの意味は “to intersect one’s knee and someone’s knee” となります。

    In other words, this phrase says that having a talk so close that two people’s knees are intersected suggests a close relationship.

    However, it is not desirable to talk with someone at a physically close distance in the current situation where COVID-19 is spreading.

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