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Ushiroyubi wo Sasareru (後ろ指を指される – Being Talked Behind One’s Back)

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    Ushiroyubi wo Sasareru


    When someone says something bad about you without you knowing it, your situation is described as ushiroyubi wo sasareru (後ろ指を指される) in Japanese.

    Since ushiro (後ろ) means “back/behind,” yubi (指) means “finger,” and sasareru (指される) means “being pointed at (by someone),” the literal meaning of yubi wo sasareru is “being pointed (at/from) behind by someone.”
    「後ろ」は “back/behind”、「指」は “finger”、「指される」は “being pointed at (by someone)” を意味するので、「後ろ指を指される」の文字どおりの意味は “being pointed (at/from) behind by someone” です。

    The act of pointing at someone is considered rude in many countries around the world.

    This phrase implies that pointing at someone from behind without his/her knowledge equals to saying badly about him/her.

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