Hyaku mo Shōchi (百も承知 – Being Well Aware)

  • Hyaku mo Shōchi


    When you are well aware of something without someone pointing it out to you, it can be expressed as hyaku mo shōchi (百も承知) in Japanese.

    Since hyaku (百) means “hundred” and shōchi (承知) means “knowing,” the literal meaning of hyaku mo shōchi is “knowing a hundred (percent).”
    「百」は “hundred”、「承知」は “knowing” を意味するので、「百も承知」の文字どおりの意味は “knowing a hundred (percent)” です。

    In Japan, the number hyaku (百 – “hundred”) is often used to represent “sufficiency” or “completeness,” so the phrase hyaku mo shōchi has the above meaning.

    I wrote “In Japan,” however, the number “a hundred” probably represents “completeness” even in many countries around the world.

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